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Dell Data Recovery

Dell Data recovery service is required when the owner of a laptop is no longer able to access any data files stored on the hard drive of their laptop as a result of disk failure or physical damage to the disk. Obtaining fast data recovery is vital to reduce downtime when a laptop is used for business and access to financial data, customer records, HR information or sales presentations is required urgently. Individuals may also require data recovery if the faulty drive contains personal correspondence, banking details or items of sentimental value such as family photographs.

Ganton IT - a reliable Dell data recovery service

If the hard drive of your laptop has crashed and as a result you have lost personal data of sentimental value or important financial and customer data which is vital to your business, don't worry - Ganton IT can help. Our fast data recovery service can retrieve vital data from damaged drives in laptops for a very reasonable charge.

Ganton IT data recovery technicians are experts at diagnosing faults and repairing hard drives in order to access the data on them. We can assist with data recovery from drives made by all major hard drive manufacturers - Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital.

Our data recovery team has a good track record of successful Dell data recovery. You can be certain that our technicians will do their best to salvage your data files if it is possible to do so and let you have your recovered data in any format you prefer. Our office in Bermondsey, London SE1, is open all day Mon - Sat to deal with emergency data recovery for individuals and commercial organisations. We operate a walk-in service so it is not necessary to make an appointment.

Ganton IT - for all kinds of Dell Data recovery

Dell Data RecoveryGanton IT can provide Dell data recovery from laptops that have hard drives with head, motor, electronic, firmware and file system problems. Ganton IT's highly trained technicians use the latest data recovery software and technology to retrieve files from a damaged or corrupted hard drive which can no longer be accessed, whether this is due to component failure, physical damage or software issues. Our data recovery technicians can retrieve data from drives that make clicking sounds or have hardware faults. We can also recover data from hard drives that are not detected by the BIOS or the Operating System.

Contact Us For Dell Data Recovery

Ganton IT offers a specialist Dell data recovery service to extract recoverable data from hard drive platters even if the hard drive on your laptop has been physically damaged by fire or flood. Naturally, the success of Dell data recovery will depend on the extent of damage to the platters.

Certain kinds of viruses can also corrupt files when they are opened. We can often recover corrupted data files provided they have not been irreparably damaged by the virus. We can also assist with data recovery when data is lost as a result of human error such as accidentally deleting files or reformatting hard drives.





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