HP Envy 15-1060ea Laptop Graphics Chip Repair

It is not always easy to find a good laptop graphics chip repairservice as it is a highly specialised service which is only available in London from a few of the leading laptop repair companies. One of these few select repair firms is Ganton IT.   Graphics chip repair is popular with laptop owners as it is more cost effective than replacing a whole motherboard so it saves them money. Obviously because of this, demand for laptop graphics chip repair is higher than ever as more laptop owners discover the benefits of Ganton IT’s service.

If a faulty graphics chip is causing problems with your laptop’s motherboard , Ganton IT can sort it out. All you have to do is bring your defective laptop in to Ganton IT’s repair workshop in Bermondsey, London SE1. We are open Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs so you can drop your laptop in anytime during office hours. You don’t have to make an appointment for HP Envy 15-1060ea laptop graphics chip repair.

Ganton IT – for a professional graphics chip repair service

HP Envy 15-1060ea laptop Graphics Chip RepairGanton IT team of HP Envy 15-1060ea laptop repair technicians is highly trained and capable of carrying out every kind of component level repair on a wide range of laptops and notebooks. Among the list of services we offer is HP Envy 15-1060ea graphics chip repair – we can solder graphics chips that have become loose, perhaps as a result of overheating, back on to the motherboard or replace the chips if they are faulty. Ganton IT’s graphics chip repair technicians can fix all the leading brands of graphics chips including Nvidia, ATI and Intel.

Why trust Ganton IT for graphics card repair ?

Ganton IT’s workshop is provided with the latest diagnostic software. This enables our experienced technicians to identify graphics chip faults on the motherboard of your HP Envy 15-1060ea laptop quickly and accurately so they can be fixed in the shortest possible time. Our graphics chip repair workshop is equipped with BGA Reflow workstations so our technicians can to solder loose graphics chips back on to the HP Envy 15-1060ea motherboard.

Routine graphics chip repair work on laptops can normally be completed on the same day we receive your laptop though more complicated graphics chip repair and replacement may take longer.  In some cases it may not be possible or economical to resolve the problem just by doing HP Envy 15-1060ea graphics chip repair. If the HP Envy 15-1060ea motherboard is badly damaged it needs to be replaced. This process should be fairly quick as Ganton IT has extensive stocks of spare motherboards and graphics chips suitable for all current laptop and notebook models.


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