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HP EliteBook Laptop Fan Repair

HP EliteBook Laptop fan repair is more important than ever with the increased use of high speed graphics chips in modern laptops, which produce considerable amounts of heat. Common problems with the cooling system that HP EliteBook Laptop owners experience include a fan that is dead, makes strange noises or gives out a burning smell. These need to be sorted out immediately as overheating causes serious damage to the processor and/or motherboard. Fortunately, Ganton IT’s Laptop fan repair service can quickly type of fan problem before any damage occurs.

Indications that your HP EliteBook laptop needs fan repair

Your Laptop will need to have the fan repaired or replaced if any of the following happen:

  • Laptop feels very hot when you touch it
  • Strange sound caused by the fan constantly working at high speed
  • Laptop switches off randomly
  • Random blue screens error messages appear

The entire above are indications that the cooling system is not working properly and you will need Laptop fan repair to sort out your overheating problem.

Why HP EliteBook Laptop fan repair should not be postponed

HP EliteBook Laptop Fan RepairAs Laptops become smaller and have more features, larger numbers of hardware parts are squeezed into smaller cases.  This means that faults with the fan or cooling system will cause the temperature inside your Laptop to rise very quickly.  Cooling system problems need to be sorted out immediately by a qualified Laptop repair technician. Otherwise, excessively high temperatures inside your laptop can damage the circuits and may loosen the graphics chips.

Ganton IT's HP EliteBook Laptop fan repair service

Ganton IT offers a professional HP EliteBook Laptop fan repair service that is guaranteed to sort every kind of problem you may experience with your HP EliteBook Laptop’s fan. This includes hardware, electrical or mechanical failure, software conflict, firmware corruption and logical error. Ganton IT supplies a complete HP EliteBook Laptop fan repair service that involves:

CLEANING – The first thing our HP EliteBook Laptop fan repair technicians do is open the laptop case, check that the air output is not blocked by dust and thoroughly clean the laptop’s circuits and cooling exits

DIAGNOSTICS – Our highly experienced technicians will examine the motherboard of your HP EliteBook Laptop or any faults that could cause causing overheating. They also check the fan circuit voltage and the processor to ensure that they are working properly.

Any components that are found to be faulty will be repaired or replaced. Ganton IT’s workshop keeps large stocks of spare parts including fans suitable for all current models of HP EliteBook Laptops.  This means we can normally complete fan repair on the same day you bring your faulty laptop in to us in most cases, though repairs to the motherboard may take a few days.

Ganton IT’s main fan repair workshop is in Bermondsey London SE1. The office is open Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs and runs a walk-in service during opening hours. You do not need to make an appointment for Laptop hinge repair and replacement.





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